Early Warning System for Cold Weather Operability

Using custom software which tracks 14 day cold weather forecasts by 3 major weather reporting agencies and comparing data against Emtec’s  proprietary CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) data. This mathematically corrected CFPP is called EPGP (Emtec’s Projected Gel Point) approximates a more  “real world” temperature when a diesel fuel would be expected to gel.

Laboratory data is compared and analyzed against every location’s 14 day forecast and if necessary, a warning report is send to any location which may be facing fuel gelling issues. Both weather and laboratory data are tracked and  trended to provide reports on program success, testing compliance and areas of vulnerability that require additional attention. Reports are all custom and tailored to each client depending on their operational considerations.

A full demonstration of the software which is completely managed as a service by EMTEC, please contact us at info@emtec.net